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It was a significant operation which included 4 surgeries in a 1 week period which resulted in a below the knee amputation. I was transferred to Medilodge of Leelanau based on local advice. The admission team was very through, educational and sensitive to my mental condition and developing needs. They explained all the amenities of the facility and the activities to expect during my rehabilitation. Staff from each discipline was very through and very interested in my case to better support me and my recovery and adapted to my personal needs on a 24 hour basis. Pain management was optimized daily, and I became pain free and sleeping through the night very quickly. During my occupational and physical therapy I was able to maintain a flexible scheduled so that I could manage personal work related activities. After a 2 week period from admission I will be discharged with confidence and the skill-sets to be self-sufficient and have maximum mobility. I felt totally comfortable with leaving personal possessions in my room based on my relationships I established initially. I would highly recommend Medilodge of Leelanau to anyone needing skilled nursing care.

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