Pauline A. Nielsen

After a very bad fall at our winter home in Mesa Arizona, and a ten-day hospital stay, I was eager to return to Leelanau country for medical care. We boarded the airplane in Phoenix on May 3rd, at 7:00 am for Michigan with my husband, grandson and oldest daughter. After 20 hours of travel time, we finally reached our destination at 3:00 am on May 4th with a wonderful greeting at the front entrance of MediLodge by familiar happy faces.
My care has been excellent, especially with all the major changes that are proceeding forward. I appreciate the healthcare facility and the employees of which many I know personally and encouraged education along life’s journey. During my 66 years in the nursing profession, working at Leelanau Memorial Hospital and Leelanau Clinic, it has been a great pleasure. My progress is remarkable and made possible at Medilodge by the persistent therapy department and wonderful nursing team. We must have changes in our daily life to see progress and be ready to help one another whenever possible. I look forward to going home and with Thanks to MediLodge of Leelanau for wonderful caring and compassionate employees.

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