Pam A.

If you are looking for a place that offers reliability, comfort, security, and wonderful service for you or a loved one, this would be the number 1 choice in the Traverse City area. I received quality care, quality food in a beautiful environment. This place meant all my needs from medical care, to emotional and social in just the short time I was here for rehab. When I am no longer to stay at home, I know where I will spend my day when I need 24 hour assistance.

The opportunity to interact with staff and residents was a great experience. The Activities Department provided an array of activities that really helps the residents get up and going and gets them involved with their environment.  This helped me in my rehab process to feel included and feel needed.

The therapy department were my biggest cheerleaders with the upmost professionalism. Watching the different ways that they engaged residents and keep them moving and helping them reach their goals was unbelievable. I was able to accomplish my goals set forth by my therapy team to be able to finally go home.

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