Cindy P.

Our plans are only a thought, when changed in a moment’s time. One fall and both legs were broken, six bones. Suddenly, I was in the hospital undergoing three surgeries. Though my house was already wheelchair accessible, my body was not ready to return home. MediLodge of Leelanau came up as a possibility to receive sometime of rehab. It was close to home, so that was a big seller. My fall came a few weeks prior to Easter and not being able to get together with my family was daunting. That’s when Lena mentioned an available room to gather with my family. They put tables together to hold all 22 of us, complete with tablecloths and a buffet table to hold our food. That was going a step above. It blessed my stay, and I appreciated their going beyond and above. I would recommend MediLodge of Leelanau as a place of rehab to anyone in need. The staff is friendly, helpful, and very kind.


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