Carol Drzewiecki

I had hoped to stay at home until the day I died but realized I needed skilled nursing care to help me regain my independence so I could return home safely. I was unsure at first because I always had the impression that people in nursing homes sat with nothing to do and had nothing to stimulate their mind and make there day pleasant. However, I found that I was wrong. Medilodge of Leelanau was more like home; so bright, clean, and many activities going on to please everyone. Families and friends were there to visit people often. The staff was all delightful and helpful. Something about the team showing interest in each person as an individual and treating them with respect, dignity, and providing genuine care as individuals made this stay a pleasant experience. I want to thank all of the staff at Medilodge of Leelanau for helping me to work hard and regain my independence. I am now on my way back home.

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